Pool Shock Schedule


You need to shock your swimming pool when there is a build-up of ammonia, and other undesirable matter in the water, that are inhibiting the ability of the chlorine/bromine, or any other chemical, to effectively sanitize, disinfect, and oxidize the swimming pool water.

Swimming Pool shocking has been, and continues to be, a subject of heated debate. What makes the pool shocking schedule such an elusive target to reach, is that shocking depends, among other things on: the weather (primarily the temperature, humidity, and sunlight), the bather load (how many people at once, how many times a day, how many days each week, and for how long is the swimming pool used).

We will offer some guide lines, based on the above factors.

Use Cooler temperatures Moderate temperatures Hot and Humid
Limited Every 2 weeks Every 1.5 to 2 weeks Every week
Normal Every 1 to 1.5 weeks Every 8th day Every 6th day
Heavy Every week Every 6th day Every 5th day

As previously mentioned, this is only a guideline. You may have to adjust your pool shocking schedule, you may need to shock your swimming pool more often, or it may be that you need to shock it less often than what our guidelines suggest. From a mathematical standpoint, it is nearly impossible to arrive at an agreed upon value for: "heavy", "normal", "limited", "hot and humid", etc. Having said this, shocking your swimming pool every 4 weeks is probably too little, every day, is probably too much.

As always, read, and follow the swimming pool chemical manufacturer's instructions.

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